Independent Testing Labs & Processors

Guidance for Testing

The MMCC will post an updated document entitled "Guidance for Testing" as an accompanying document to the previously posted Registration Form for Independent Testing Laboratories (ITLs). This guidance is intended to provide additional detail in support of the requirements of COMAR 10.62.16. This guidance does not establish any rights for a person and is not binding on the MMCC or the public. This guidance will be updated as needed.

Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) Registration Form


The ITL registration form as required by COMAR 10.62.16 is now available. Click link to form above to download form. If you are interested in registering to become an ITL, please follow the instructions below to complete the registration form.

  1. Download the word file to your workstation (save as).
  2. Enable Editing
  3. Save and submit according to instructions

If you have any questions please send email to: In addition, please continue to check the Independent Testing Labs FAQs.​