MMCC Advertising Guidelines and FAQ's

​Please see advertising guidelines and Advertising FAQ's​ to ensure you have the latest information on cannabis advertising in Maryland.  ***Printable version "Advertising Guidelines" or "Advertising FAQ's"


For Growers, Processors, Dispensaries, Independent Testing Laboratories, Certifying Providers, & Third-Party Vendors:

All Advertising:

DO include a statement that medical cannabis products are for use only by a certified patient

Medical & Therapeutic Claims:

DO make medical or therapeutic claims only when supported by substantial clinical evidence
DO include information on side effects and risks


DO use an age-screening mechanism (18+)

Social Media & Mobile Apps:

DO include notifications that:
1.    A person must be at least 18+ to view the content 
2.    Cannabis use is only for certified patients

Product Packaging:

DO include the following statements:
1.    Consumption of medical cannabis may impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Please use extreme caution
2.    There may be health risks associated with cannabis use, especially during pregnancy or breast-feeding
3.    This package contains cannabis. Keep out of the reach of children and animals

All Advertising:

DO NOT make false or misleading statements
DO NOT use designs or pictures that: Encourage recreational use of cannabis, Target minors (Cartoons, mascots), Display use of cannabis (Smoking, vaping), and Are obscene

SIGNAGE: (This does not apply to ads placed on property owned or leased by a grower, processor, or dispensary)

DO NOT place ads within 500 feet of a: school, Licensed Child Care Facility (including registered home child care centers), Substance Abuse or Treatment Facility, Library or Recreation Center, or Public park or Playground

Product Packaging:

DO NOT use labels or packaging that: Resembles commercially available food or candy, Contain statements or designs suggesting the product is anything other than medical cannabis, Contain logos that suggest the product has been endorsed by another state or agency.​