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2 companies partner to evaluate effectiveness of vapor devices in study


Linthicum, MD (November 17, 2017) – With the Maryland medical cannabis program weeks away from full implementation, two licensed companies are partnering, starting today, to study the effectiveness of vapor inhalation devices for use by patients.

Curio Wellness, of Lutherville, and Wellness Institute of Maryland, of Frederick, will conduct a research-and-development study of patients’ use of cannabis oil-filled vapor inhalation devices, or vape pens.

“This study precedes by a few weeks the implementation of Maryland’s program entailing licensed companies delivering prescribed medical cannabis products to medically registered patients,” said Brian P. Lopez, chairman of Maryland’s Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission.

At the start of implementation, the quantity of medical cannabis products will be low, compared with the inventories of products seen in other states that feature medical cannabis programs. Licensed growers and dispensaries are becoming operational, and might take several months to reach full inventory.

“It’s also worth noting that, for this study, only the Wellness Institute of Maryland dispensary will be providing products to patients who were pre-selected by the companies,” Lopez said. “But all licensed and operational dispensaries are expected to have products available by early December.”

Listings of companies licensed by the commission are viewable on our site at For information about the study, email Curio Wellness at


The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission develops policies, procedures, and regulations to implement programs that ensure medical cannabis is available to qualifying patients in a safe and effective manner. The Commission oversees all licensing, registration, inspection, and testing measures pertaining to Maryland’s medical cannabis program and provides relevant program information to patients, physicians, growers, dispensers, processors, testing laboratories and caregivers.