Past Announcements

Dec. 21, 2015 – The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) today announced its revised review and scoring timeline for the 146 grower license applications and 124 processor license applications it received by the November 6 deadline. An updated schedule for the scoring of 811 dispensary license applications will be forthcoming. Under the updated timeline, the Commission anticipates issuing Stage One approvals for grower and processor applicants by summer 2016. The schedule for Stage One approval of dispensary applicants will be announced in the near future. 
NEW: Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) Registration Form (12/11/15)
The new ITL registration form as required by COMAR 10.62.16 is now available under the Testing Labs and Processor tab. If you are interested in registering to become an ITL.

Senatorial District Breakdown of Dispensary License Applications
Official Number of Grower, Processor and Dispensary License Applications Also Released
(November 24, 2015) The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) today released the breakdown of dispensary applications by senatorial district as well as the official number of grower, processor and dispensary license applications received by the November 6 stage one submission deadline. Those seeking grower and processor licenses were not required to report the jurisdiction in which they propose operations during the first phase of the application process, but the Commission did release the entities seeking those approvals. 

MMCC Received 882 Applications
(November 12, 2015) The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) received a total of 882 applications seeking grower, processor and dispenser licenses by the November 6 submission deadline. Of the 882 applications, the majority – 705 – were submitted for dispenser licenses. A total of 102 grower licenses were received by the Commission, as were 75 processor license applications. These numbers are still preliminary and not final. 
A significant percentage of dispenser candidates applied for a dispensary license in each of the state’s senatorial districts, driving up the total for that license category. Despite this approach by applicants, regulations prohibit a candidate from receiving more than one dispensary license.
Additional details about the submissions are available in the Commission’s official news release.

Physician Registration Forms
The certifying physician's registration form as required by COMAR 10.62.03 is now available. If you are interested in becoming a certifying physician, please go to the Physician tab above for more information.
Grower, Processor and Dispensary License Application Period Closed on Friday, November 6, 2015
The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission  posted applications for those seeking a license to operate as a medical cannabis grower, processor or dispenser within the state. Applications in each of these categories were made available under the “Applications” tab above.  Each application form included comprehensive instructions and a detailed description of the scoring process the Commission and its agents will utilize in evaluating each application. There will be no extensions granted.
Click here for press release.
To read the complete set of promulgated regulations, which became effective on September 14, 2015, go to the Division of State Documents website. The Natalie LaPrade Medical Commission regulations are in Subtitle 62.

Regulations Update
On Friday, June 26, 2015, the proposed draft regulations were published in the Maryland Register.  Click on the link to view the proposed draft regulations, which begin on page 812, and to review the procedure for submitting comments during the 30 day public comment period, which concluded on July 27, 2015. 

House Bill 490 signed by Governor Hogan 
On May 12, 2015, Governor Larry Hogan signed H.B. 490, , a bill introduced by Delegates Morhaim and Glenn and passed overwhelmingly by the General Assembly. The legislation makes a number of revisions to the Maryland medical marijuana law. The first change was to replace the unscientific  term, “marijuana,” with the appropriate scientific term, “Cannabis,” and to rename the Commission. The provisions for “academic medical centers” that had been the centerpiece of the 2013 medical marijuana law have been eliminated. The role of physicians is revised from being “approved” by the Commission to being “registered” with the Commission, and only physicians who have active, unrestricted licenses in good standing with the Maryland Board of Physicians may be registered and may issue written certifications to patients.
The Commission may not limit treatment of a particular medical condition to one class of physicians. The new law authorizes the Commission to license entities to process medical Cannabis, such as producing extracts for various routes of administration. The law also provides for the registration of testing laboratories that are owned and operated independently of any of the Cannabis licensees to test all medical Cannabis products before dispensing to any patient. The initial license terms of licenses for growers, processors and dispensaries are set at four years with two year renewal terms. The controls for licensed dispensaries were modified to track those for licensed growers. The new law permits a physician to issue a written certification for a larger quantity of medical Cannabis if a 30-day supply of medical Cannabis would be inadequate to meet the medical needs of a qualifying patient. The new law clarifies that vaporization is not smoking for the purpose of protecting property owners and neighboring tenants from unwanted Cannabis smoke.
To access a video webcast of the April 22, 2015 Commission meeting, click the following link: