Dear Licensees, 
Effective May 15, 2018, Health-General Article, §§13-3306, 13-3307, 13-3309 require each licensed grower, processor, and dispensary to submit an annual report to the Commission on: (1) the number of minority and women owners, (2) the ownership interest of any minority or women owners, and (3) the number of minority and women employees. 


The initial report on minority and women owners and employees is due to the Commission on or before June 30, 2018. A copy of the report has been emailed to each of you. You may also find the report here:

Annual Report 

Current Diversity Statistics

Preliminary Industry Ownership Demographics Industry Totals


35% Racial and Ethnic Diversity Participation
57% Minority Participation Including Females 


Preliminary Industry Employee Demographics Industry Totals


58% Racial and Ethnic Diversity Participation
75% Minority Participation Including Females

The Commission recognizes that these numbers will change as all companies become licensed. 

The MMCC is releasing preliminary demographic data on ownership and employee participation in the emerging medical cannabis industry. I am encouraged by this preliminary data and I must emphasize preliminary, which shows that the Commission is on the right path to achieving a diverse group of industry participants. The medical cannabis industry is charged with making new and innovative medicine to help alleviate the pain and suffering of qualifying patients, including sick children. The Commission is dedicated to creating a world class program to support this mission, and believes that politics and misleading narratives should be kept out of the process.

This data was obtained by surveying the current pre-approved applicants. Based on COMAR, on June 1 of each year, each licensee will be required to submit a report to the Commission regarding the licensee’s minority owners and employees.

The simple facts are that the Commission is making tremendous progress in implementing this program; we have issued 15 pre-approvals to companies to grow medical cannabis, 15 pre-approvals to companies to process medical cannabis, and 102 pre-approvals to companies to dispense medical cannabis. The program is moving forward quickly with background and financial due diligence investigations being conducted to begin industry operations.

The Commission is aware and believes that diversity is an essential element in making the medical cannabis program a success, and will continue to track this important demographic data. As we measure the industry’s progress, the Commission recognizes that corporate structures may change for each entity, while always striving for inclusiveness and equal opportunity. We still have work to do and look forward to utilizing a diversity consultant.

As we enter the operational phase of Maryland’s medical cannabis industry, I remain passionate about the quality of the program, and reject additional legislation that would disrupt the current progress that is being made in the final phase of this process.

Paul W. Davies, M.D.
Chairman of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission