The Commission Institutes Item Category Change in Metrc

Linthicum, MD (March 9, 2018) - The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is providing this bulletin to update licensees on the options for categorizing pre-rolls and joints within Metrc.

Pre-rolls (not joints) packaged at a licensed grower that consist of shake/trim or flower will be categorized as "Raw Pre-Rolls" in Metrc.

Pre-rolls packaged at a licensed processor that consist of shake/trim or flower - and are infused with concentrate - will be categorized as "Infused Joints" in Metrc.

Pre-rolls that have been categorized and packaged prior to this bulletin will automatically default to "Infused Joints" and must be manually updated in Metrc. Metrc Bulletin MD IB 0007 describes the appropriate procedure for correctly categorizing pre-rolled products. In addition, Metrc support staff will be available to aid licensees in making these required changes expeditiously.