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MMCC Patient Registry is experiencing very high volumes of applications for Medical Cannabis Registration. Please do not call or email the Commission unless it has been more than 45 days since submission of your initial application, or more than 30 days since you resubmitted a corrected application.

In order to be fair to all patients seeking registration, MMCC cannot expedite the processing of an application for individuals that visit MMCC in person. 


Our staff is happy to assist in registering a patient when needed, however, the application will be processed in the order it was received.


We appreciate your patience as our staff continues to process an extremely high volume of patient applications.  Additional staff has been hired to address the patient registration volumes.​


NOTE: If you did not received a verification email immediately after you submitted your application, please contact the Commission at 410-487-8100.​

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Please see the recently released 2018 Medical Cannabis Disparity Analysis completed at Governor Hogan's request authored by NERA Economic Consulting: Business Disparities in the Maryland Market Area.

Patient & Caregiver please contact us via email​ 
Call 1-844-421-2571

Non-registry and business office inquiries, please contact us via email
Call 410-487- 8100


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