Clinical Directors

NOTE: The deadline for clinical director registration has been extended to November 1, 2020. As such, the registration for clinical directors is not yet open. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) will update this page when registration is available.


All licensed dispensaries are required to appoint an individual to serve as a clinical director, pursuant to COMAR 10.62.31.

A clinical director's role is to provide education to medical cannabis patients and caregivers, as well as to provide training to dispensary agents.

An individual may be eligible to serve as a clinical director if they meet one or more of the following requirements:
  • Is eligible to serve as a certifying provider, as defined in Health-General Article 13-3301, Annotated Code of Maryland. This means an individual who:
  1. Is a physician, nurse practioner or certified nurse midwife, dentist, podiatrist, or a physician assistant who has an active delegation agreement with a primary supervision physician who is a certifying provider;
  2. Has an active, unrestricted license to practice in Maryland; and
  3. Has a State controlled dangerous substances registration;
  • Is a licensed pharmacist in good standing with the State Board of Pharmacy; or
  • Has substantial education, training, and experience in the medical use of cannabis, as determined by the Commission. 

The MMCC will evaluate whether an individual has "substantial education, training, and experience in the medical use of cannabis: on a case by case basis.

A clinical director must be available during hours of operation, and may provide services:
  • On-site at the licensed dispensary or
  • Be available via electronic communication (e.g. video chat, text or instant messaging or any method of communication that allows for real-time patient interaction)

A clinical director may serve at multiple dispensaries but must be able to provide the required services effectively at each location they serve.

For additional information on the items outlined above, please see the Clinical Director Requirements guidance document.​

IMPORTANT: A clinical director for a licensed dispensary may not provide a written certification for medical cannabis to any qualifying patient, pursuant to COMAR (E).


All clinical directors must complete at least one Commission-approved training course each year. The clinical director must attest to course completion annually by June 30th. Each licensed dispensary should retain supporting documentation demonstrating the clinical director has completed a Commission-approved training.

As of August 2020, the Commission has approved one training course, which is available at Alternative online and in-person training courses may be submitted to the Commission for consideration at

Training Resources for Clinical Directors

Clinical director, certifying providers and other medical professionals interested in learning more about the clinical uses of cannabis may now enroll in an online medical education curriculum developed by TMCI Global. The course was designed based on the laws and regulations governing the Maryland medical cannabis program. The two-hour online Maryland course presents the basics of the endocannabinoid system and the pharmacology of cannabis, qualifying conditions, and administration methods approved in the state of Maryland, medical cannabis contraindications, and identified adverse effects of cannabis use. It is divided into five lessons, each with knowledge check questions that users can complete at their own pace. The course can be started and stopped as desired and materials may be revisited as often as needed for the duration of the course access period.

About TMCIGlobal (TMCI):
TMCI provides science-based, online medical education for healthcare professionals who want to learn about medical cannabis and its potential clinical application to deliver quality care and address patient questions. TMCI works with organizations that are recognized as pillars of medical cannabis learning and bring their valuable medical expertise to the healthcare community via an ever-growing online course catalog.

To access the course, please visit:
Maryland State HealthCare Provider Education Course

Please note: This course is now accredited. Here are the details of the course:
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • 2.5 CME credit available
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Mobile-Friendly

For questions please contact:

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission:


Registration for clinical directors is not available at this time. This page will be updated as soon as registration is available.