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Process to Obtain Medical Cannabus in Maryland
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General Information Patients
Process to Obtain Medical Cannabus in Maryland Caregivers
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**Please be Advised**

 As of September 18, 2019, we are currently processing the following dates:

  • Pending New Patient Applications: 8/18/19
  • Pending Resubmitted Patient Applications: 8/23/19

  • Pending New Caregiver Applications: 9/13/19

  • Resubmitted Caregiver Applications: 9/16/19

If you applied before this date and did not receive a temporary card or an MMCC ID card in the mail - please log into your account to check the status of your application.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION​​ #1 reason why applications are unable to be processed Please read and follow instructions to help mitigate delays in your application

Important Information 
Regarding Registration and Certification   

Provider certification will expire within 120-days if medical cannabis has not been purchased from a Maryland licensed dispensary.

Patient must be both registered with MMCC and have an active certification in order to purchase cannabis.

Our staff is happy to assist in registering a patient when needed, however, the application will be processed in the order it was received.

Hospice patients are processed immediately

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MMCC Votes on Rankings​​​


Sale of Unregulated CBD Items in Dispensary Retail Space​

2019-009 Patient Advisory


If you would like to receive EMAIL or TEXT messages from the MMCC: 


Patient ID Card Requirement for April 01, 2019​​


Dispensary Training Presentation


MMCC Patient Identification Card Requirement​

Clarification of Patient ID Card Requirement


Commission Awards 5 Grants for Medical Cannabis Educational and Business Development Training Programs​​


2018 Medical Cannabis Disparity Analysis 
Completed at Governor Hogan's request authored by NERA Economic Consulting: Business Disparities in the Maryland Market Area.