​​** We are closed on Thursday, 11/26/2020 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday and Friday, 11/27/2020 in observance of National American Heritage Day **

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**Due to COVID-19, the issuance of Patient ID Cards will take longer than 90 days to mail out. There is currently an exception in place, please use your valid Government issued ID along with your written ceritfication when going to the dispensaries**

**Please be Advised**

 As of November 23, 2020, we are currently processing the following dates:

Pending New Patient Applications: 11/05/2020
Pending Resubmitted Patient Application: 10/31/2020
Pending New Caregiver Applications: 11/20/2020
Resubmitted Caregiver Applications: 11/20/2020

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