​Racial Equity Diversity Inclusion (REDI)​​​​

 Social Equity Verification

​​​​Social Equity Announcement 

On September 1, 2023, the Maryland Cannabis Administration and the Office of Social Equity jointly announced next steps for individuals interested in applying for a cannabis license in the State. 

Social Equity Applicant Qualifications

The Cannabis Reform Act establishes an initial business licensing round for eligible social equity applicants. A social equity applicant is an applicant with at least 65% ownership and control held by one or more individuals who meet the statutory definition of social equity applicant. This definition includes living in, or attending a public school in a disproportionately impacted area. Disproportionately impacted areas in Maryland have been identified by the Office of Social Equity - and may be found on their website: ose.maryland.gov. The Office of Social Equity has additionally identified higher education institutions which would also grant eligibility to individuals.

Social Equity Applicant Verification 

Only verified social equity applicants may apply for a standard or micro grower, processor, or dispensary license in the first round. For more information on the verification process, please view the Social Equity Verification Process - Detailed Explainer​​.


​​​Verification is provided as a free service to prospective applicants. You may request a link to the verification portal from the MCA by completing this form: Cannabis Business Licensing Interest Form.​ Further guidance for prospective applicants can be found here: Maryland Social Equity Cannabis Verification A Guide for Applicants 9.7