​MMCC Licensee Guidance

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Licensee Guidance​

Edible Cannabis Products

Regulations establishing the framework for the processing and distribution of edible cannabis products will be effective on April 19, 2021.

Packaging and Labeling 

This guidance document provides information on new and updated requirements for the packaging and labeling of medical cannabis, including edible cannabis products.

Form and Dosage​ 

This guidance document provides information on:

  • Categorization of cannabis-infused products and edible cannabis products, and 
  • Restrictions on product form and dosage.

Ownership and Control of a Medical Cannabis License

Ownership and Control Requirements​​ ​​​

The guidance document provides information on (click here​):

  • The process, requirements, and restrictions for the transfer of an ownership interest and/or control of a medical cannabis license; and
  • The required disclosures of ownership and control of a medical cannabis license. 

Hemp Acquisition

Acquisition of Hemp – FAQs

  • Pursuant to COMAR and, licensed processors and dispensaries may obtain hemp from sources outside the seed-to-sale system (METRC) under certain circumstances. 
  • Additional information for obtaining hemp, as well as information on testing requirements, and the sale of CBD products can be found in the FAQs. 

Clinical Director

Clinical Director Guidance Document​​​​

The guidance document provides information on:

  • Who is eligible to serve as a clinical director;
  • The responsibilities of a clinical director; 
  • Clinical director reporting and training requirements; and 
  • The process to register as a clinical director. 

Advertising Guidelines and FAQs

The printed guidelines and FAQs provide information on advertisement requirements and restrictions for medical cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries, independent testing laboratories, certifying providers, ancillary businesses, and third-party vendors. 

Video Surveillance, Inventory Control, and Inspections

Guidance Document

The guidance document provides information on:
  • Video surveillance requirements for licensee premises;​
  • Theft and diversion reporting requirements; and
  • Requirements for inventory tracking and entry of sales data.