Key Dates of Interest

​July 1, 2023- Existing Maryland medical cannabis businesses who chose to convert will be authorized to cultivate, manufacture, or dispense cannabis or cannabis products for consumers 21 years of age or older.

July-August 2023- The new Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), in partnership with the new Office of Social Equity, will conduct outreach, training, and guidance on the application process for individuals interested in obtaining a new cannabis license.

September 2023- 30-day application period for individuals and businesses interested in applying for a standard or micro cannabis license in Round 1. In Round 1, MCA may award up to the following number of licenses in each category:

  • For standard licenses:
    • 20 grower licenses
    • 40 processor licenses
    • 80 dispensary​ licenses
  • For micro licenses:
    • 30 grower licenses
    • 30 processor licenses
    • 10 dispensary licenses
  • 10 incubator space licenses

October-November 2023- MCA reviews application submission, conducts outreach to submitted applicants as necessary to complete the review.  ​​​MCA conducts a lottery for Round 1 applicants and begins to select applicants for award. 

January 1, 2024- MCA notifies selected Round 1 applicants of award. 

May 2024- MCA announces Round 2 for standard and micro cannabis licenses, including on-site consumption licenses.​