​05/21/2021 - MMCC- Update Regarding COVID-19 Emergency Measures for Licensees​
04/20/2021 - MMCC- Patient and Caregiver Identification Cards​
04/09/2021 - MMCC - Edible Cannabis Products- Effective Date of Regulations-(Updated May 14, 2021)​​
03/30/2021 - MMCC Clinical Directors Requirements​
03/17/2021 - MMCC Extension Granted For Testing Validations​
02/16/2021 - MMCC- Emergent and Special Exception to MMCC ID Card Requirement​
05/11/2020Amendments to Enforcement and Inspection Requirements​​​​
05/11/2020 - Requirements for Pre-Approved Dispensaries​​​
04/07/2020 - Telehealth - Maryland State of Emergency - COVID-19​
03/19/2020 - New Agent Registration Applications​​_(Amended 04.08.2020)
01/10/2020 - ​MMCC Required Stability Testing​
01/09/2020 - Ancillary Business Agent Registration​
01/09/2020 - Annual Agent Verification Report​
12/30/2019Updated Regulations to Licensure and Annual License Fee​
12/11/2019 - Gre​en Waste - Standard Operating Procedure​​​​​​
11/25/2019 - Secure Medical Cannabis Transport Vehicle Registration​
11/15/2019 - Ban Vitamin E Acetate in Medical Cannabis Vaping Products​
07/20/2019 - Sale of Unregulated CBD Items in Dispensary Retail Space​​
06/14/2019 - Potential Lead Contamination in Used Vape Cartridges​
06/11/2019 - Licensee Guidance for Processing Agent Identification Cards​​
05/13/2019Statutory Advertising Restrictions​
12/17/2018 - Children Entering Dispensary Service Area
08/22/2018 - Change of License Business Name​
07/13/2018 - Report of Serious Adverse Event 
03/29/2018 Acquiring Medical Cannabis from MMCC Licensees Only
03/14/2018Attestation by Qualifying Patient or ​Caregiver
​11/17/2017 - Commission reminds qualified patients of possession, usage parameter


10/14/2022- OneStop Implementation 

Superseded Bulletins 

​01/05/2021- Effective Dates for Updated Testing Requirementss (Not Currently in Effect)
07/02/2020- Effectiveness of State Issued ID (Not Currently in Effect)
04/16/2020- Emergency Order: Physical Distancing Measures and the Use of Face Coverings (Not Currently in Effect)
03/23/2020- Medical Cannabis Licensees are Essential Businesses: May Remain Open​ (Not Currently in Effect)
3/17/2020- Licensee Social Distancing Requirement (Not Currently in Effect)
3/17/2020- Written Cerification Renewal (Not Currently in Effect)
3/16/2020- Licensee Prepartion for COVID-19 (Not Currently in Effect)
3/11/2020- Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Update Prevention, Cleaning Recommendations (Not Currently in Effect)
01/24/2020- Requirements for Issuing and Revewing Written Certifications for Medical Cannabis (temporarily suspended due to COVID)
12/09/2019- Requirement for Pre-Approved Applicants to Become Licensed and Operational(Not Currently in Effect)
11/26/2019- Medical Cannabis - Infused Product Administrative Review Process​(Not Currently in Effect)
8/12/2019- Changes to Medical Cannabis Regulations Take Effect (Not Currently in Effect)
6/14/2019- Potential Lead Contamination in Used Vape Cartridges (Not Currently in Effect)
5/13/2019- Manufacturing & Distribution of Edible Cannabis Products(Not Currently in Effect)
04/18/2019- Quarterly Report Submission 2019 (Not Currently in Effect)
04/11/2019- Requirement for Pre-Approved Applicants to Become Operational (Not Currently in Effect)
04/08/2019- Emergent and Special Exception to MMCC ID Card Requirement (Not Currently in Effect)
03/19/2019- Agent Verification Reporting (Not Currently in Effect)
01/15/2019- Clarification of ID Card Program (Not Currently in Effect)
12/21/2018- Patient Identification Card Requirement (Not Currently in Effect)
12/11/2018- Medical Cannabis License Ownership Restrictions (Not Currently in Effect)
06/18/2018- Ownership Interest in More than One License (Not Currently in Effect)
04/03/2018- Licensee Quarterly Reporting Requirements (Not Currently in Effect)